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QuickFill XL12 Inkjet Machine

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Quickfill Inkjet Refilling MachineThe QuickFill inkjet machine is the most comprehensive ink cartridge refilling machine in the market. Designed to empty and refill color and black Hewlett Packard (HP), Canon, Xerox, Dell, Lexmark, Compaq, Epson and Brother inkjet cartridges. The QuickFill machines include a complete vacuum system to empty and refill all inkjet cartridges. Two vacuum chambers enable you to refill cartridges with identical quality and pressurization as the original ink-jet cartridges, discarding the possibility of leaks and impression flaws during its useful life. Air bubbles form inside the cartridge when the ink is injected by syringe or pneumatic machines. Quickfill's vacuum technology avoids those problems.QuickFill targets customers who want to recycle cartridges, rather than remanufacture them. Our printer cartridge refilling machine gives you the ability to fill a wide variety of cartridges, without the need to exchange major parts or ink. Fifteen types of ink sit on top of the machine ready to be used, and are easily replaced in seconds just by exchanging the ink bottles. The inkjet cartridge machine is always ready to refill cartridges at any given time, in contrast to a remanufacturing machine, which refills high quantities of one type of cartridge at a time, making the process of recycling different types of ink cartridges almost impossible.Some sophisticated refilling machines are computer operated, minimizing the labor and knowledge required by the technician. Those machines limit the types of cartridges that can be refilled, and require constant upgrades and expense. But most importantly, if a cartridge presents simple problems, such us dried up nozzles or sponges, an automated machine cannot fix them and the cartridge is wasted. At Quickfill Online, we believe that the involvement of the technician is a key factor for successful cartridge refilling.The recycling process varies from cartridge to cartridge. With our exclusive Quickfill Inkjet refilling machines, cartridge filling is made easy and affordable. With the purchase of the QuickFill machine, you receive a complete technical operation and maintenance manual. This manual contains step-by-step instructions on how to refill the most popular cartridges, the type of ink required, the empty cartridge weight, full weight and how much ink they take.We offer additional equipment to clean, unclog and wash the cartridges before refilling.Quickfill Machine Characteristics- Simple Operation. Free training included!- Step by Step refilling instructions included!- Easy maintenance, no down time. Free technical support included!- 15 ink lines allow the use of different inks for every cartridge brand!- No complex electronic or microprocessors involved!- Refill most cartridges available today and up-coming cartridges. No upgrades required!Free Inkjet Refilling TrainingIn addition, Quickfill offers a Free Inkjet refilling training course in our facility, at no extra charge with the purchase of the inkjet refilling equipment. Training is also available in Spanish or Portuguese upon request. We can even accommodate the training in your facility for an additional charge. Quickfill Inkjet Machine SpecificationsThe machine structure is made of rugged material, it has four cylinders for black and color inks. The two vacuum chambers allow you total control of the cartridge refilling process. All the hoses are attached with shut off connectors. Power: 110 or 220 WattsConsumption: 150 watts/h Vacuum pump with suction capacity of up to 30 Hg. Net Weight: 60 lbs Machine Dimensions: 21" W x 17" D x 21" H Packaging Dimensions: 24" W x 20" D x 24" H WarrantyThe QuickFill machine comes with a one-year warranty on the vacuum pump and one-year warranty on parts. Replacement and additional machine parts are available for purchase in this website, or you may contact us directly.CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND SHIPPING INFORMATIONCall (704) 780-4878 Mon - Fri 9 AM- 6 PM EST.