Toner Dust Collector PRO

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dust collector Pro

The Dust Collector toner workstation allows you to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your cartridges. All for a price you can easily afford!

The Dust Collector’s hood was specifically designed to contain blasts of compressed air. Compressed air cleaning is the fastest, most thorough and least damaging method of cleaning toner cartridges. Providing the highest airflow rate of any toner cleaning station (950cfm actual measured airflow using 120v60hz), this workstation delivers optimum performance for remanufacturers. Ergonomically optimized work area increases speed and quality of work. The Dust Collector’s hood and dump system were carefully designed for compressed air cleaning and operator ergonomics. Clear top and door allow in plenty of light. A built in 40watt fluorescent light fixture increases productivity and quality of work. 

The filtration system is engineered to trap toner dust within the hood, and to prevent toner from blowing out the exhaust. The filter  can easily hold ten pounds of toner.  The Dust Collector comes fully assembled, easy to unpack and unload off the truck. Sets up quickly with no need for expensive ductwork, just plug the workstation into any standard wall outlet and step up to higher productivity. You will need to connect a compressed air line to the Dust Collector. The air compressor is not included but readily available from any hardware store. Two 4 inch wheels allow you to easily move the Dust Collector within in your shop. Differential pressure gauge alerts operator to excessive toner build-up in the filters. The operator uses the FilterTest gage to help maintain the high airflow. Polyurethane air hose with quiet pistol grip nozzle and filter/pressure regulator are included.


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