Toner LEXMSTN, 275 g

Lexmark Compatible

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There are no chips available for these cartridges yet, and they will probably take up to one year to become available in the aftermarket. The original chip will work until the toner is used up. There is a spring tension on the cartridge that sends information to the chip, and consequently to the computer screen. Once the cartridge is empty, IT IS DEAD! There is no way to return it to live until the day chips become available.Because this cartridge is not officially recyclable, toner manufacturers have not announced the sale of toner for these cartridges. Quickfill Online is proud to announce that after extensive testing we have a solution for your customers and we offer a Lexmark compatible toner for these cartridges:Item # LEXMSTN (one load = two full bottles or 550 g)How to get around the Lexmark wise trap When a customer brings an empty Lexmark MS310, MS410, MS510 or MS610 cartridge to you, it's too late!The only option that we have right now is to educate our customers to do the following: Start with a new Lexmark MS310 OEM cartridge, and before using it you can add as much toner to print up to 20,000 pages. YES! A cartridge that is made to print only 1,500 pages can print up to 20,000 pages.When the toner is low, the question mark on the printer will start blinking. STOP USING the cartridge immediately! It is time for a second reload. Another 20,000 pages yield. Wow!This time around the printer question mark will remain blinking and you will not be able to tell when the cartridge is completely empty. Continue printing until the toner runs out. This time the cartridge cannot be refilled again, as the chip is now dead.Now you do the math! If you take this route 1 low yield cartridge can become more than 26 low yield cartridges! Or more than 8 high yield cartridges!